Olympics Examine App

Nul et pas à jour

Lappli renvoie vers le site internet et elle nest toujours pas à jour elle est toujours sur les JO de 2014 ça le fait pas trop non ??


Tout est bloqué, encore une fois il faut raquer.... Ne pas dl


Superbe application qui fonctionne sur ipad et iphone.


elle a été longue a venir cette app que tous attendaient :)


Application lente, incomplete, renvois systématiques vers le site. Nul de chez nul

Vraiment sympa !!

Enfin lapplication avec les news olympiques et tous les résultats depuis le début des JO. Merci extra


super pratique, design sympa!


Très bien fais,simple,conviviale.


Parfois ça marche, souvent ça ne fonctionne pas du tout. Pas dimage. Au skiathlon féminin, on entendait à peine les commentateurs, dont Pierre Harvey. Dommage. Beaucoup de bugs à corriger, je pense. RC est-il prêt à y mettre les ressources???


J ai jamais vu un site aussi mal fait, c vraiment une risée.... Officiel mon œil !!!!!!!! C est pareil comme si on était à RDS...... Un vrai manque de professionnalisme !!!!!!


Cest bon comme application mais vous pourrez garder les vidéos de sports toujours mais vous les enlever et cest Ca mon point beaucoup faible

Olympics A Day Late

Have been loving the Olympics, though watching in Hawaii, everything is over by the time we get it. I end up watching a lot of double coverage, it’s in reruns when we get it. Love the curling and biathlon , speed skating, short track , well everything, have loved seeing the respect between participants, it’s heartwarming. Real sportsmanship!

Pathetic 👎

Half the time the content won’t load. The schedule is laughable. In this age of technology, it’s pretty sad that this app is such a major fail.

Olympics app first trial

I love the app It’s amazing Thank you for the idea

Doesn’t scroll up

When reviewing medals by event the app only shows the first seven and a half events. The screen seems locked. So it’s only partially useful.

Olympic 2018 App

Found it easily on the App Store for free. It load quickly and is easy to use. It is up to date on results. Bwana Bubba


This was useless. No medal standings, can’t scroll, times are off, etc...

Schedule. Time

Would be nice if you would state the time zone the event is taking place in. Assuming it’s Eastern and hoping I’m right is not helpful.

Awful app

Would be nice if this app told me the schedule of events to be broadcast, all it can accurately tell you is what is on right at that moment. The page for medal winners is a joke, you can barely tell the difference between gold and bronze. This is the least user friendly app I’ve downloaded in awhile. You’ve got two years before the next Olympics, do yourself a favor and start over. Plenty of time to improve!


Oh, how I love the Olympics. As I just turned 70 I know I have not missed more than a few minutes in 50 years!

Great coverage

This allows. You to not miss anything thus allowing you to watch it on TV and fast forward to things you want to see Like US woman winning against Canada for gold. Two great teams giving there all

Get it

Dude I love the game so much, and it’s so much fun because you can see results and watch it.its so so much fun!

I like to watch in landscape.

App has portrait only


I receive a notification of a result but when I tap it all I get is an error message saying ‘unable to load’ and to ‘please try again.’ However, the result never appears. Disappointing.

Lack Luster

This app's user experience leaves a lot to be desired. I don't know how it has a good rating. You cannot drill down the medal count from leading country down to the individual medal count. No master list of athletes. Very disappointing.

No leaderboards

You have to search individual countries to see how many medals they have. Would be much better if you had a leaderboard for golds and also for most medals.

Absolute crap

Don't expect to watch anything unless you pay for cable! No support for broadcast tv viewers here!

Great app

They makes it easy to check all the stats

Awesome app! 👍🇺🇸

This app does a great job of keeping me posted on the latest events! It is very easy to use and very organized. The app is very straightforward, but also had many cool details. Five stars for sure!

Great design


It is so cool

I love the olipisks


It’s bad enough you can only follow three countries. Then you go to the medals, and no screen shows a ranking of top medal winners. You just see your three favorites and then a laundry list of countries. Worse still, the medals are not even totaled, you have to search for the country and then add up the medals. That’s easy for a country that has only won a fee medals, not so easy for Norway or Germany. I just I use the app on my phone, so it may be better on a computer or tablet. But using it on my I-phone is frustrating at best.

A really nice app!

Used in conjunction with the NBC app, this provides a pretty good way to determine what you want to watch. I love the auto update and the suppression of scores until you decide to go into the detail for an event. There is one thing I’d like to see: On this app’s schedule page, Live Now is great in that it allows you to see whatever is actually in progress, unlike the NBC app which gives a vague hint as to whether something is in progress, terminated, not yet started, etc. But it doesn’t allow you to see what’s up coming, even events starting in the next minute or two. Turn off Live Now, and you have to scroll like crazy to the list to find out what isn’t finished yet. At least that’s very clearly marked, as is the live now status. But what would really be nice is a button available when live now is off, to allow you to scroll instantly to currently in-progress events. Alternatively, you could have the Live Now screen show the next hour or two‘s worth of events with the note they’re not live yet, say under an Upcoming header. All that said, this is still a really good app. Thank you!

Only works when nothing is happening

The app fails to load when ever anything popular is live

Helpful app!

Thanks for the help!

Sorry, unable to download content.

Days have gone by without the main news page loading. I can see that medals have been awarded in a sport, but no content when I click on a sport. There is no leaderboard for countries, only individual countries...but no content when I click on a country. The schedule is stuck on past events. I find no use for this app.


I love these 2018 Winter Olympics. I am especially pleased with the COMPLETE coverage. Bravo to NBC and thank you. I even enjoy the beginnings of the events. I am really looking forward to curling starting tomorrow. I am so glad they will show them all.

Almost as bad as the actual Olympics

Not only has the coverage of the Olympics been HORRIBLE, but so is this app! Schedule aspect is crap and doesn't give details. No quick view or highlights tab. Medal count doesn't show the events that were won. Or clips of the runs. No coverage besides short clips. Would not recommend wasting your time with this. Just use the internet.

Hard to see the big picture

The app is designed horribly. Navigation is confusing. To see the big picture for a specific sport is quite challenging. One of the worst sports event app I've used. Needs a lot of redesign. Removing one more star for introducing even more bugs. Now you can't see athletes by country. It seems like developers have no idea how to build apps. Dissapointed!

Does not eork

The app constantly does not work. You want to change or look up a country and you cannot do it since it won’t work. Very disappointed.

Missing key feature

Works great but the lack of medal count by country is annoying

Sports unite

It is always heartwarming to see the world unite in support of athletes, coaches, and families who work so hard to represent their country and their sport.

One of the worst apps I've ever seen

Lacks information, difficult to navigate

Never works

This app never works. Every time I try to check the schedule or medals, all I get is an error message stating they are having trouble loading the content. Waste of time.


I wait every 4 years for the Olympics!!! This App treats The Olympics exactly the way it should!!!! A++++!!


Was looking forward to watching something that Americans would be competing in that was rift with politics. A few have shown their arses and soured those events for me! NBC has done a horrible job of reporting and only pushing the negative! 😩

Bad app

Horrible app not worth my time

Medals ranking is not friendly

The medal winnings are not there by country for all countries in one table. Also, the notifications stopped working after the latest update. Over all the app is OK and informative.

This app is amazing !!

This app is great because u can watch and see scores and games . This app is amaziiiiiiing ! 👍

2018 Olympics are just wonderful! So many talented athletes!

Thank you for this outstanding coverage!

Olymipics 2018

Latest update doesn't open app.

Piece of junk

Whoever wrote this app should be embarrassed.


This app is useless. The app for Rio 2016 was outstanding, This one is terrible.

Needs improvement

This app could really use a couple of improvements. First, it’s more useful to get a total of medals of ALL countries, ranked be most medals won. I can tell how many medals USA has won, but would like to see how that compares to all countries. Second, I can tell who won a medal in a certain event, BUT, if I want to see how a favorite athlete did who didn’t win, it’s difficult-not impossible-to locate that information.

This app doesn’t qualify for the medal round

Not intuitive, no search...

Ok but needs more

Show more details like time just a thought in the time sensitive event

Ok but also lacking

Good listings and info by sport and country but no running totals of all metals awarded or even the totals of metals. The overall sense is missing.

Bad application!!!

This application is SO BAD!!!! Not updated, nothing opens on command, SLOW!! Such a disappointment!! It is really ruining my olympic experience!

Information doesn’t fit on screen

Like it says all the information doesn’t fit on the screen of my iPhone IOS.

Love Love Love

I just love watching the Olympics. I am in awe of all the athletes. I wish it was on more during the day, thats my only complaint. Im having chemo so I have time during the day to watch it. I also love to see and hear the athletes stories. Thank you

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