Olympics App Reviews

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Safari links

Whats the meaning to have an app that open Safari at every section?

Doesnt seem to work

When I get into the app it sends me to their website on safari, I cant really do anything on the app or itll send me to there website. If I wanted to do that I would have just gone to their site myself not download the app for it to then take me there

thats it???

it just takes you to the website!!!

Nice shortcut

If you dont feel like typing the full website on your explorer download this


The app hasnt been updated I. God only knows how long. When you click on anything in the app all it does is takes you to the website. No use in having this app.

App does not load

It would definitely benefit the appearance and functionality of your app if you will fix these kinks. Hopefully, these issues can be solved before Rio.

No point

It offers less than the website and if you want details just sends you to the website. Just use the website this app is useless.


This is an official app? Seriously?

Useless and tough to navigate

1star for trying so hard to make it ios7 like. All it does is redirects you to the website. Why dont I keep to using Safari then? Cant list all medal tally and sort by country. Hard to figure out so easier to delete and use website.

IOC needs to step this up

CBC made a way better app for Sochi, youd think IOC would be on par with them


The greatest sporting event in the world has the worst apps in the world! Not one good app out there to follow the Olympics!

Medal table?

No medal table? Seriously?! I would think thats what most people are interested in more than anything else.


Freezes and just doesnt work. Dont waste your time. If I could give no stars, I would.


It doesnt even have a total-standings-overall section or at least the navigation to find it is convoluted. The site seems to be more to promote the Olympics than deal with real time. Obviously another OIC control system.


Theres nothing in the app, no matter what you click, it sends you to the website. Use the website.


Dont even show the 2014 games


Absolutely useless. 1star is way higher than it deserves.

Not useless

I dont think it is useless my teacher uses it and its great


Not worth downloading, cannot even find medal count easily, very poorly designed.

Dont bother..

It barely works...... Barely!!

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